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Wands Wands Wands. Point it at me, baby

13 Jun
Has anyone ever noticed that Voldemort from the Hp series would screech “NYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!”?

 i still think that the scene from hp7 and the deathly hallows where Voldemort was asking for a wand and along comes the awkward silence. i thought the scene was hilarious!

the last movie i ever watched was Indiana Jones and the crystal skull or the mummy 3. i couldn’t remember and yes, it has been that long. i couldn’t understand why you would need to pay a ridiculous amount for one person  whereas the same amount would merit you several bootlegged dvds. i can smoke in the convenience of my room too. and i can always press pause. going back to your seat after peeing always seemed sooo far away for me.

i saw the other week the preview of the Harry potter and the deathly hallows part two. i was so excited! i swear i would watch it on the big screen. but i still can get lazy hahahaha.

i am glad too that Voldemort’s quest for the deathstick/ elder wand/ wand of destiny has ended. Desecrating Dumbledore’s final resting place, the reptilian dark sorcerer callously grabbed the wand and oh so effeminately pointed it at the heavens, while the wand shot bolts of lightning, illuminating the dark, starless sky. i was even waiting for him to shriek but much to my dismay.

the wand has many uses in magick. it is the embodiment of a practitioners’ will.the wand is primarily used to amplify energy, obtain focus, direct, invoke energy among other uses.

it is also one of the things that i collect aside from tarot cards and statues. i time, a practitioner will only need one single wand to serve his purpose. i have no idea why i cant seem to get enough of it.  a friend of mine suggested that perhaps, i was sexually deprived and was so fond of the phallus. realizing his rather erroneous remark, he quickly rescinded his odd statement. i gave a loud “HA!” and smugly said, ” i think that is what you call, projection”.

i plan to have all the wands i am able to purchase nyahahahahahaha. a wand is usually made of wood, metal, rubber , or clay. Wooden wands have varying properties too that depend on the type of wood that was used.

though among all the wands that i have, i noticed that my wand of Yew, was the most obedient.