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No smoking with caffeine

9 Jul
I agree with everything having a designated place. As the famous adage goes, “a time for everything, and to everything in its place.” on the other hand, patrons who support private businesses and are within the exclusive property of that said business, not to mention that the said premise is outdoors, has seating for patrons who would like to dine outdoors, most certainly have the right to puff on their death sticks away. Oh in case you’ve forgotten, outdoors = open air. meaning smoke immediately dissipates. i think it is an unspoken rule that when you sit outdoors, you would probably find smokers. so don’t be lousy  cunts and whine that you sat outside to blah blah blah you’re getting second hand smoke blah blah blah i would probably smack you hard on the jaw. which i did in college to this miserable little hooker cunt who brazenly prattled away about her health yadda yadda yadda and how the smokers have stinking pieholes. the cunt got so dizzy, her fellow harlot had to drag her away.  Thank God for Red Corner sessions!
Yeah i know you’re just following the rules, MMDA, Blah blah blah. But hey, I;m seeing more and more empty seats outside your establishment anyway.

you and your brilliant lot should have prioritized those who would spit on the street. what a really deplorable habit! Had i been an MMDA officer, I would yank their heads and shove their faces on their offensive discharge and make them swallow it again, but instead, you pick on the nicotine loving smokers. can’t you pick or fix something else? idiots. dullards.

though i have to say, i am finding the taste of Starbucks ala instant coffee. Taste one drink, and you probably have tasted the rest on the menu. nothing really tastes that special or that different. Heck, Kopiko with brown sugar tastes better. Milo with coffee tastes like mocha. Real good mocha for that matter ( yes. it’s my own twisted concoction. Try It!)

Time to go back to my origins. Why hello Seattle’s. How is your Java Jelly and Javakula? I’d like to have both and a doughnut please plus a waffle  plus a panini and a salad. of course, the other pastry orders are for the rest of my friends.


Hello world!

8 Jul

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Gone too soon: why did you leave like that?

27 Jun
in loving memory of one of the best psychics and mages that i have ever met, a lone poet, and an ever so loyal friend, love and light to you always. Punkin, the doors of my home are always open for you.

it only occurred to me that we never had our picture taken together. i never got the chance to see or talk with you for the past month.

one of the last entries on his fb wall:

He who loves more,
Is the inferior…
And must suffer.
–Thomas Mann

you never recovered from it. and if you wanted., i would be happy to make her eat magick.

i will miss you

:love and light always, dearest Punkin

Ori Yeye O: Most gracious mother Oshun

24 Jun
Oshun who is full of understanding.
Most gracious mother, Oshun
Most gracious Orisha.
One who has large robust breasts,
One who appeases children
With brass ornaments.
Onikii who knows the secrets of cults,
But does not disclose them.
One who has a cool, fresh tt11rne.
One who buries money in the sand.
The gracious mother, The Queen of the River
Water which moves sleeplessly.
One who gives healing water free of charge.
One who gives good effective treatment to
One who has neither bone nor blood.
Ayila save me!
One expects salvation from one’s deity.
I do not know how to save myself.
I give homage to Oshun Ashe

Oshun, oyeyeni mo… Oshun who is full of understanding,

O wa yanrin wayanrin kowo si… Who digs sand and buries money there.

Obinrin gbona, okunrin nsa…

The woman who seizes the road and causes men to run away.

Oshun abura-olu… Oshun the river which the king cannot exhaust…

One who does things without being questioned.

Ogbadagbada loyan… One who has large robust breasts.

Oye ni mo, eni ide kii su…

One who has fresh palm leaves, who is never tired of wearing brass.

Gbadamufbadamu obinrin ko See gbamu…

The huge, powerful woman who cannot be attacked.

Ore yeye o… Most gracious mother.

Onikii, amo-awo maro…

Onikii, who knows the secret of cults but does not disclose them.

Yeye onikii, obalodo… The gracious mother, the queen of the river.

Otutu nitee… One who has a cool, fresh throne.

Iya ti ko leegun, ti ko leje… The mother who has neither bone nor blood.

Oriki Oshun

“Mbe, Mbe ma Yeye” Exist, exist always mother…

“Mbe, Mbe L’Oro” Exist, exist always in our tradition.

Oshun awuraolu…The spirit of the river, turtle drummer

.Serge si elewe roju oniki…Open the path of attraction, mother of salutations.

Latojoku awede we mo…Cleansing spirit clean the inside and out.

Eni ide ki su omi a san rere…The maker of brass does not pollute the water.

Alose k’oju ewuji o san rere…

We are entitled to wear the crown that awakens all pleasure.

Alode k’oju emuji o san rere…

We are entitled to wear the crown that awakens all pleasure.

O male odale o san rere…The spirit of the earth that wanders freely.


Iba oshun sekese…Praise to the goddess of mystery

Latojoku awde we ‘mo…Spirit that cleans me inside out.

Iba oshun olodi… Praise to the goddess of the river,

Latojoku awede we ‘mo…Spirit that cleans me inside out.

Iba oshun ibu kole…Praise to the goddess of seduction,

Latojoku awede we ‘mo…Spirit that cleans me inside out.

Yeye kari…Mother of the mirror,

Yeye ‘jo…Mother of dance,

Yeye opo…Mother of abundance,

O san rere o…We sing your praise,


My Orisha Oshun statue from Brazil as featured in the second issue of  Monday Magazine. Statue is approximately 18 inches tall. Skirt is made of real cloth and metallic, mercerized thread

Eshu y Pomba Gira: The devil and the she-devil at the crossroads

18 May
I have always wanted to go to Brazil. Not for the Mardi Gras, but for Umbanda. A religion with similar roots to Santeria or Orisha voodoo. What can i say; I’m weird. On a weirder note, when you mention the religions all throughout the continents, Voodoo is always left out. Perhaps people find blood and animal sacrifice unnerving, or trance possessions to be an absolute hoax, or people have always equated voodoo with zombies. Thank you, Hollywood.
The movie “Woman on top,” is shot in Brazil and features Yemaya ( pr:Yemanja, Jhemanja, Yemaya,Yemonja). The divine mother, envisioned as a dark skinned, beautiful star crowned mermaid (i think she is the Starbucks logo though subsequent replies from local baristas proved a dead end), and watches over her children from her watery realm. She is implored for all kinds of maladies from conceiving a child, childbirth, marriage, and of course, Love.

I was told that sprawled along the crossroads of Brazil, aside from massive Orisha statues, are shrines dedicated to two of the most venerated deities in Santeria and Umbanda: Eshu / Exu and Pomba Gira. No ceremony can be started in Santeria without placating the two dieties. They are the link between the human world, and the divine. They are the first ones thanked, and the last ones honored. So at the beginning of a ceremony, the faithful offer to him first so that he will not disrupt the proceedings, and furthermore will carry their petitions to the gods. It is believed that if one sacrifices to him well, he will be fairly disposed to plead human causes before the gods.
On a deeper level, the fact that Exu is this universal agent of magic implies much more. Exu is the point of communication between the sacred and the profane, and as such, can be likened to the Greek god, Hermes, also known as Mercury (Roman), Thoth (Egyptian), and Odin (Norse). He intercedes between the people and what they consider to be their spiritual roots-an idealized Africa, or another dimension of the cosmos.
Exu is also the symbol of equilibrium-the axis of stability between humans and gods. Contrastingly, as the embodiment of equilibrium, by nature he is always in motion. One can liken him to a runner on a rocky road-always in danger of falling from one side to another, but completely steady at the point where both feet leave the ground and travel through the air. Although his behavior sometimes may seem vulgar, his essence is dextrous and clever.
In this role, many perceive him as a prankster-a kind of Brazilian Loki, the mischief-maker of Nordic myth. But his tricks are playful, not mean. He toys with human sensibilities and upsets the status quo because he represents the necessary power of disorder which must occur occasionally for one to be able rebuild on more solid ground. In this sense, he is comparable to the Tarot card, the Tower.
Exu’s and Pomba Gira’s dwelling is at the crossroadsand T-roads(?) which symbolizes his/ their aspect as the great communicator and expander of horizons. Exu stirs up action. The crossroads are where people and ideas meet, pass, and are exchanged. Things happen at crossroads: spaces open up and close down; new directions are taken. Thus, Exu is known as the ruler of intelligence, sagacity, and wisdom.
The name Pomba Gira comes from the Afro-Brazilian religion of Quimbanda. Within the confines of this religion for those socially marginalised, PombaGira’s attributes are strength and protection. She is a depicted as a dark skinned voluptuous woman with horns, wearing tacky furs and sequins, heavy gold necklaces (nipples peering quite perkily from underneath), and a massive six pointed star as a pendant. She was described as the consort of Exu, and associated with the Whore of Babylon- but actively worshipped and represented during celebration, rather than hated or lampooned.
She is the wife/consort of Exu, a trickster spirit that has in the past been mistaken for the devil. Again not to be mistaken for the Judeo-Christian devil. His images are usually represented as a devil looking man, infectiously handsone, amazing physique, complete with a full, plump, rock hard phallus. Eshu has his origins from Nigeria and Orisha worship, while Pomba Gira remains to be a purely Quimbanda, Umbanda diety.They are the tricksters. They are unadulterated lust, debauchery and primal nature. The divine pair shakes things up when you have been to complacent and lazy in your life. They are the crossroads. The apex of several possibilities. She is the protectress of the downfallen, prostitutes and the weak. She commands obedience and is considered to have a fiery constitution.
Perchance that you insult, sneer,malign, badger, or condescend on sex workers, you will, oftentimes at least, incur the fury of this fiery Goddess. She only possesses or mounts (saniban or sapian in the vernacular) transvestite or gay men and women only during her feasts.
Because she ‘serves with both hands’, an adage describing her flexible approach to how she treats humans, she is to be feared and revered. If you treat her with respect she will potentially grant you what you wish, however, if the compact is made and then broken she will unleash a surge of destruction that will leave nothing standing.
Exu and Pomba Gira perhaps, cannot be equated with an Orisha. Whatever he represents to you depends on your personal interpretation. If you believe him to be the agent of evil, surely he will rise to the occasion. If you think he is good, he will behave benevolently. If you see him as a neutral agent, again this chameleon will satisfy your expectation. Whatever Exu, or his female counterpart, Pomba-Gira, symbolize, is very much up to you.
It is this kaleidoscope of hidden depth and potential within the expression of the life world, here enfleshed, that is made manifest through ritual, tradition, and sacrifice, It is this thin veneer between the hidden and the seen, the apex of  reality and the possibility for exploration into the sphere of the invisible that defines the inspiration the Crooked Path is the course which we tread, to the faint-hearted it is a journey that one should not take.

Laroye Eshu! Laroye Pomba Gira!

My personal Shrine o Eshu and Pomba Gira:

 the forked branches that you see below are called Garabato and have been found in Nueva Ecija

Loveliest bones

15 May

These were the lovely bones that had grown around my absence: the connections — sometimes tenuous, sometimes made at great cost, but often magnificent — that happened after I was gone. And I began to see things in a way that let me hold the world without me in it. The events my death brought were merely the bones of a body that would become whole at some unpredictable time in the future. The price of what I came to see as this miraculous lifeless body had been my life.

The Lovely Bones
Susie, Chapter 23, Page 320.