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Quasi Grim Reaper: The Holy following of Santissima Muerte

19 May
i received a surprise visit from my office mates who wanted to have their cards read. i sighed before they came into our house, as i was only running into a 30 minute workout. i didn’t mind their visit actually. the heat is becoming too unbearable anyway. i worried about how hot it would get in the coming days. it may border on sweltering, to ridiculous. oh and i don’t charge for my reading. i just ask people to bring candles or incense for my altars. i don’t have any plans of becoming a full time tarot reader anyway. And puhleeeze. i fancy it as a hobby. Never as my fulltime career.
i advised both of them to light some black candles for Santissima Muerte or La Santa Muerte. Good thing that friend a has informed friend b how weird my room looks like. i asked both of them to get some black candles from my altar’s drawer and to place it at her feet. by her i mean Santa Muerte. and yes she is female. i asked them to bring white roses for her that after their petition has been granted.

there is nothing odd about death worship.You’d be surprised to know that her worship, though i think the countenance of the venerated image has a more masculine feel to it, is also celebrated in the good old Philippine islands. from the said picture is taken out every Friday and leads the procession during the holy week.

The Catholic church has been unfair to renounce her worship as Satanic and to claim that her followers are cultists. All the damn media hype has been unfair in claiming that She is worshiped by the unacceptable lot of Mexico: the gays, prostitutes, the leaders of organized crime. The media should have also included that the followers of Santa Muerte were Catholics.
I truly feel that Santa Muerte couldn’t care less if you’re gay, or if you had to engage in paid sex or if you had to peddle drugs. I am NOT condoning drug trade, mind you. She just wants your love, loyalty and devotion. But isn’t that how Gods are supposed to be anyway? free from petty, oftentimes, hurtful human criteria?
On closer analysis of myself: i have always been a rebel. and Santa Muerte, being an unaccepted and unrecognized saint by the Catholic church, has always been enthralling for me. She never conformed and she never will. Perhaps she is happy being the unaccepted and unrecognized saint revered by those that are unaccepted, unrecognized, and most oftentimes ignored by society.
and as a famous prayer for her goes:

“Conquer my enemies, Santa Muerte
like you conquered Jesus on the cross”

“En Dios creo y en ti confío”
“In God I believe, and in you I confide.” 

My personal shrine in my room

i now have 9 images of the holy death. people are starting to get terrified hahahaha

although look at this odd mist. there were no candles or incense that were lit when this photo was taken. people have oftentimes claimed that my room is cloudy.
“there is this odd mist cloud in your room”

“well, the dead finds comfort in my room”