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La Santa Marta Dominadora: Filomena Lubana.

8 Jul

In Dominican vodou, Lubana is a Guedesa from the Black division, who is under the leadership of Baron Del Cementerio. Certain caballos does not understand the true mysteries containing this Guedesa. Lubana is a lwa/force of hot energy in the form of a snake, it’s said she has no genitalia, however her snake form represents a penis and the venom within represents the mysteries of life and death. She works with fire and is considered to be a hot sexual lwa. We invoke her to dominate the ground and the five senses, for example when dealing with a cold man Lubana is invoked to heat up and dominate him by attacking the feet, she brings him back to the women submitting and crawling like a snake.

She arrives in the form of a snake. Cleansing the environment, she will circle around men and clean their “auras” making them more desirable to the opposite sex. Metresa Lubana has arrived, and she does not speak. People within the Societe will pick up her messages telepathically, and know what to do. She will make her way to the front door cleansing the environment of any negativity

This beautiful and powerful Metresa is represented by Saint Martha the Dominator. She is a powerful Lwa of the Black division and works with Baron Del Cementerio. She is hot, she is wild, and she is powerful. She is known for her ability to dominate a man, an enemy, or any uncontrollable situation. Her powers come from the ground up and she lives in the cemetery. 

Many oil lamps have been lit under her aegis. She is popularly known throughout the Caribbean for working with this powerful form of magic resolving problem after problem. She is served with dark colors and prefers purple, green, black, and dark red. Her offerings are kept on the floor, as she is a snake and that is where she will come to get them.

Lubana works in the cemetery along with Baron, La Barona, Papa Guede and Guedelia. When Baron is occupied sometimes he sends Lubana to mount and remove all obstacles. Lubana arrives in possession hissing and crawling around on the ground, the mounted individual hair stands up with great static. She crawls around almost everyone present specially men, cleaning them and the whole atmosphere then making her way to the front entrance disposing of all negative forces.
There is a myth in Dominican vodou, when Lubana gets tired of a servitors man she takes him away and brings a new one to serve her needs. My suggestion is always service and take care of her with the deepest respect. When servicing or invoking her remember snakes eat eggs and crawls on soil.
In Dominican vodou we do not associate Lubana with any catholic Saint, she is associated with Marta La Dominadora. Marta La Dominadora origins can be traced back to Africa, legend has it she dominated a snake using her powerful flute saving a little boy from harm.

Her feast day is July 29

Her colors are: Green, purple, black, red, brown, when working with her we use strong dark colors.
She loves to work with oil lamps, snake oil carabanchel oil, and iguereta oil
Numbers are: 5,8, 9 and 29
Her elements are earth and fire
On the image associated with her, we place one green or purple fula wrap around her waist with perfume.

When she mounts and while taking care of her in the badji, her children will offer her a plate with coffee grounds, a brown egg, and honey poured over both. She will also be offered a non-alcoholic malt drink. Many give her black coffee without sugar on Mondays.

My personal statue of Filomena

Lubana and her oil lamp