No smoking with caffeine

9 Jul

I agree with everything having a designated place. As the famous adage goes, “a time for everything, and to everything in its place.” on the other hand, patrons who support private businesses and are within the exclusive property of that said business, not to mention that the said premise is outdoors, has seating for patrons who would like to dine outdoors, most certainly have the right to puff on their death sticks away. Oh in case you’ve forgotten, outdoors = open air. meaning smoke immediately dissipates. i think it is an unspoken rule that when you sit outdoors, you would probably find smokers. so don’t be lousy  cunts and whine that you sat outside to blah blah blah you’re getting second hand smoke blah blah blah i would probably smack you hard on the jaw. which i did in college to this miserable little hooker cunt who brazenly prattled away about her health yadda yadda yadda and how the smokers have stinking pieholes. the cunt got so dizzy, her fellow harlot had to drag her away.  Thank God for Red Corner sessions!
Yeah i know you’re just following the rules, MMDA, Blah blah blah. But hey, I;m seeing more and more empty seats outside your establishment anyway.

you and your brilliant lot should have prioritized those who would spit on the street. what a really deplorable habit! Had i been an MMDA officer, I would yank their heads and shove their faces on their offensive discharge and make them swallow it again, but instead, you pick on the nicotine loving smokers. can’t you pick or fix something else? idiots. dullards.

though i have to say, i am finding the taste of Starbucks ala instant coffee. Taste one drink, and you probably have tasted the rest on the menu. nothing really tastes that special or that different. Heck, Kopiko with brown sugar tastes better. Milo with coffee tastes like mocha. Real good mocha for that matter ( yes. it’s my own twisted concoction. Try It!)

Time to go back to my origins. Why hello Seattle’s. How is your Java Jelly and Javakula? I’d like to have both and a doughnut please plus a waffle  plus a panini and a salad. of course, the other pastry orders are for the rest of my friends.


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